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The world has drastically changed throughout the past three years. Not only are we dealing with a worldwide pandemic due to COVID-19, but we are also dealing with a national mental health crisis brought on by numerous things, including the pandemic. People are more stressed out than ever. According to a survey by CNBC, the average American only has 10 days of paid time off per year, despite working more than ever. For many people, life has become battle between working all day, finding time for family, and searching for investments in order to achieve their dream of retirement or financial independence.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how we help you.

How We Help You

There are two ways we can help you:

  1. We’ll be your perfect tenant. We’ll fill in your vacancies, ensuring that your rent is paid.
  2. We provide property management services for your home via corporate housing and short term rentals.

Our Property Management Services

Revenue Management

revenue management

The key to a successful short term rental is proper revenue management! By studying the market, recognizing trends, and adapting, our team is able to appropriately price your properties out to achieve maximum revenue.

Monthly Reporting

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We provide you with monthly income reports on how your property is doing. In addition to this, we’ll walk you through the reports so you understand what’s going on. Finally, we’ll provide you with feedback on what we’re seeing happening in the market and how we’re adapting to any market changes.

Listing Marketing

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We market your property through various channels to attract bookings. By employing various marketing strategies, such as targeted marketing towards specific traveler demographics, we’re able to ensure that your property is staying ahead of the competition.


Maintenance Coordination

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When maintenance issues arise, we involve the parties necessary to get the issue resolved and file claims through the appropriate channels so that you are reimbursed for maintenance expenses.

Client Screening

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We leverage the latest in smart technology to keep your property safe. All of our guests are vetted to prevent bad actors. In addition to this, we offer noise monitoring, video monitoring, and keyless entry for your properties.

Reservation Coordination

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The reservations made on your property are coordinated by our staff where we manage the check-in, check out, and communication with our clients as they stay in the property. In addition to this, we coordinate housekeeping and restocking of consumable supplies within your property.

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