A Message to Our Partners

A Message to Our Partners

The security and safety of our community is our number one priority. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to exist. As such, we’ve taken the following steps to ensure the safety of current and future tenants within our communities.

Long Term Preference

Our clients primarily consist of business travelers, those needing relocation services, medical housing, and emergency housing with a minimum stay of at least 33 days.

Rental Contracts

Our clients sign rental contracts which are tailored to include the community guidelines of any property management company we partner with. In addition to this, we include our own set of guidelines, such as quiet hours and noise level monitoring via Minut to ensure that our clients do not disrupt the community.

Security Deposit & ID Collection

In addition to rental contracts, our clients provide us with damage deposits which are returned to them at the end of the stay. Valid identification is also collected from our clients prior to their stay.

Home Protection

For the safety of our clients and the community, we’ve implemented Minut point security devices within our properties. These devices measure the humidity and sound within homes/apartments and alert us of any potential HVAC issues, possible break-ins, and disruptions which exceed a certain decibel threshold for a designated period of time. To ensure the privacy of our clients, these devices do not record sound.

Keyless Entry

If your community guidelines permit it, we offer keyless entry for our clients and provide you with your own key and dedicated code for maintenance.

Our clients are provided a code for the duration of their stay, and once their rental period is over, they no longer have access to your property.

When partnering with us, you’ll know who’s arriving, how long they’re staying, and when they’re leaving.

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