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Our Mission

Comfy Living Arrangements, LLC is a professional corporate housing company specializing in providing furnished short-term housing for business travelers and working professionals. Our company is exceptional at the short-term vacation market and it begins with compassion for everyone.

Comfy Living can run your rental or vacation property while you earn passive income. Our team currently serves the DFW and Houston areas and we look forward to making your stay with us as comfy as possible.

Core Values: Respect, Trust, Accountability and superb Customer Service

Norman H. , Founder, Houston Property Manager

Norman H. serves as our Houston Property Manager. Recently relocated from Ewing, NJ to Houston, TX, Norman brings intellectual capabilities and a relentless work ethic that is unlike any other. Norman utilizes his managerial skills combined with his programming expertise to devise technological solutions to keep our properties in the Houston area functional with precision.

Inside of the hospitality/real-estate industry, Norman runs Today I Learned, a blog in which he discusses various real estate related activities, triumphs, and tribulations that he goes through in order to paint an accurate picture of what he considers “the truth behind being an entrepreneur”.

Outside of the hospitality/real-estate industry, Norman’s interests lie within a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, economics, technology, investing, and finance. In his free time, Norman runs Your Daily Hash, a digital asset blog/vlog where he talks about various topics related to digital assets. Norman also uses his background in Computer Science to develop tools that aggregate pricing data on digital assets for the purpose of making data-driven decisions.


Joshua A. , Founder, Dallas Property Manager

Joshua A. serves as our Dallas-Fort Worth Team Lead. Recently relocated from Piscataway, NJ to Dallas county, Joshua brings charisma, passion, and heart of gold towards helping people. run Joshua infuses his upbeat personality and his engineering background to run our properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with efficiency.

In his free time Joshua enjoys cooking exquisite dishes from across the globe and playing basketball.

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